Publication Author(s) Media Date
Bus Operation Learning from Telemetry Combining Bioinspired Approaches with Geospatial Analysis S. Nielsen, M. Ostaszewski, U. Leopold, M. Seredynski Proc. Virtual ITS European Congress 9‐10 November 2020
Enabling Data-driven Transition to Public Transport Electrification S. Nielsen, M. Ostaszewski, M. Seredynski Poster: UITP Global Public Transport Summit, Stockholm 2019 9-12 June 2019
Analysis of Cooperative Bus Priority at Traffic Signals M.Seredynski, G. Laskaris, F.Viti IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems 2020 (in press)
Towards Dynamic Zero Emission Zone Management for Plug-in Hybrid Buses M.Seredynski, F.Viti Proc. 26th ITS World Congress, Singapore 21-25 October 2019
A real time hybrid controller for regulating bus operations and reducing stops at signals Laskaris, M.Seredynski, F.Viti Proc. 6th International IEEE Conference on Models and Technologies for ITS, Krakow, Poland 4-6 June 2019
Towards Optimized Deployment of Electric Bus Systems Using Cooperative ITS G.Laskaris, M.Seredynski, F.Viti Transportation Research Board TRB Annual Meeting, Washington DC, USA 13-17 January 2019
Targeted air quality improvement via management of environmental zones of plug-in hybrid buses M.Seredynski Proc. 25th ITS World Congress, Copenhagen, Denmark 17-21 September 2018
Towards Optimised Deployment of Electric Bus Systems with On-Route Charging using Cooperative ITS G.Laskaris, M.Seredynski, F.Viti Proc. Conference on Advanced Systems in Public Transport and TransitData, Brisbane, Australia 23-25 July 2018
Novel C-ITS support for Electric Buses with Opportunity Charging M.Seredynski, F.Viti Proc. 20th International IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems, Yokohama, Japan 16 – 19 October 2017
Experimental analysis of eGLOSA and eGLODTA transit control strategies G.Giorgion, F. Viti, M. Rinaldi, G. Laskaris, M. Seredynski Proc. 5th IEEE International Conference on Models and Technologies for Intelligent Transportation, Napoli, Italy 26-28 June, 2017

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